Two Reasons Why People Work Out

There are many reasons why people work out but two reasons stay top on everyone’s list.  One popular reason is to have a slim and beautiful physique and this is considered as the aesthetic reason.  The way we look and carry ourselves greatly impacts other people’s perception about us.  Those who are a bit over weight and on the flabby side may be perceived as weak and unhealthy.  Others may think that the person is an eating machine who is lazy that is why he is overweight.  Because of these negative perceptions by other people, a person who is obese or overweight tends to have low self-esteem.  Thus, some of them seek to engage in exercise and diet programs that will reverse those negative perceptions.

I have seen people working out in the gym for hours just to have a better looks, burn fat, and avoid criticism by others.  Another common reason why people work out is to become healthy; and this is for a more holistic approach and also considered as the medical reason.  A person who has muscle weakness or even cardiopulmonary problems needs exercise programs with the doctor’s referral and supervision.  A physical therapist is one of the many professionals that can help these types of individuals who need working out to make their health better.

One good example of patients who need an exercise program are spinal cord injured patients.  A patient that is paralyzed from waist to foot may not be able to ambulate with weak upper extremities muscles not unless those groups of muscles are given daily exercises that will strengthen them and increase muscle endurance.  Humans are directly affected by the change in their environment and the people around them.  Criticisms from other people are unavoidable and yet this directly hit us with the most impact especially the psychological aspect.

Unless we change our eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, we can never have total enjoyment because of diseases and people’s criticism.  It will be the ultimate test of our perseverance to live and adapt to a society that praises the sculpted body yet suffer miserably with junk food products.  There may be other reasons why people work out and develop the discipline or commitment for a healthy lifestyle but no matter what the reason is, having an exercise routine is best added with strength and endurance through working out.  Having an exercise program is always beneficial for people, both the healthy and the physically unfit.

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