African Mango Diet And How It Works

South Africa has many tribes that lived in the outskirt of the country as well as in villages.  These tribes have learned the art of healing through passing the knowledge of natural healing from one generation to the other.  The native people of Cameroon Africa have been using plants and fruits for medicinal purposes.   One fruit in particular is the African mango which grows western region of the land’s rainforest.  They believed that it has healing properties that can help people who are sick.  With the arrival of western researchers in South Africa, they have discovered that the African Mangoes have great potential for weight loss.  Because of their research many have ventured and invested financially to discover about the fruit’s potential in weight loss.  Nutritionists and researchers have developed what they call as the African mango diet.

The issues of losing weight have been very popular in the general population worldwide.  Irvingia Gabonensis also known as African mango has been one of the most talked about weight loss products today and many have hoped of trying the African mango diet.  There are different types of products from African mangoes today there are pills, extract, and powder that are used for reducing weight.  Prices of these products vary in form of African mango but the seed extract pill is the most common.  A pill is a bit expensive compared to the extract and powder form of this fruit but the pills is refined.

However, it is not yet clear if the pill type is more effective than the others.  It has yet to be determined through further research although the content of the seed extract and its formulation are what matters.  What makes the African mango effective in reducing weight its role in returning the leptin’s role in managing the appetite.  Leptin is a natural chemical in the body that regulates our appetite and it functions to signal the body when it has already been nourished adequately.

The body regulates leptin normally but if the level of leptin is decreased, the C-reactive protein takes over and brings our food cravings.  In people with weight problems like obesity, the leptin level is disrupted and C – reactive protein covers its receptors.  Another way the fruit helps in reducing weight is its thermal effects on the cell level wherein the heat produced by the extract’s beneficial substance increases metabolism and burns excess weight normally.  African mango also helps in digestion since it is a good source of fibers.  Because of these and more, the African mango diet is considered one safe diet to maintain.

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