Apple Apps

I don’t know if any of you are follow Apple, but I know I am.  I don’t like to focus so much on all the recent happenings and hooplah that goes on in the news.  I like to focus on the innovation, as I am a fan boy.  Regardless of what the naysayers will naysay, I think there’s a reason they are dominating the mobile market.  There are certainly the tangibles, but also the intangibles, that can only be experienced by holding a device in your hand.  I own an iphone and an ipad, and you kind of get used to the way they function, that it’s hard to re-enter the real world.

Much of what I’m connected to with apple is their apps.  I like to use apps that provide some real use.  Yes I do play Angry Birds sometimes, but I’m pretty much over it at this point, and I want some apps to help me progress.  I’ve really enjoyed using the Eat This Not That app as I’ve been trying to lose weight in combination with my hCG 1234 reviews.  I’ve learned that “whats get measured gets managed” is quite true in life, especially with diet and exercise.  Also I like the money management apps as theres another huge area of my life that needs management.  Let me know what apps you’ve enjoyed the most won’t you?